n2-LIVE New Backend Advanced Features - Dashboard

28thSeptember 2016, Manila – n2-LIVE, announces a significant advance in its backend functionality; called Dashboard this enhancement will transform the analytical features available to operators. The launch of ‘Dashboard’ follows on from the successful release of a string of innovative new features in 2016 by n2-LIVE all adding to the best live dealer platform available in the market today.

A spokesperson for n2-LIVE commented “In today’s increasingly competitive market place providing operators with powerful tools that allows them to extract useful information from the mass of data the n2-LIVE platform collects about their players is vital both for more effective marketing and profit maximisation. n2-LIVE’s powerful reporting functionality has now been combined with an intuitive and responsive dashboard. The new ‘Dashboard’ feature has been specifically designed to allow operators to see trends at a glance or dig deeper into the figures to this end information is displayed in both tabular and graphical form. Operators can choose different periods of time to run reports and ‘Dashboard’ has been designed to display key information on the login page, such as total bet amount, total valid turnover, Profit/Loss etc. In recognition of the importance of key players the top 5 players’ key statistics are displayed at the bottom of login page. The addition of ‘Dashboard’ is a further example n2-LIVE’s growing stable of innovative developments which keeps our software at the forefront of live dealer solutions and allows our partners to continue to deliver world class products to their customers’ designed to entertain and deliver above average profits.”

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